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Observation of galaxies that are rotating too fast to be held together by the gravity of their visible matter or should not have formed or move as they do has led many astronomers to hypothesize the existence of so-called "dark matter." They do not know what it is because the Standard Model of particle physics provides no clues to its identity. All that they can be certain about is that it is invisible but exerts sufficient gravitational force to stop galaxies being pulled apart by their centrifugal forces. The author proposes that it is mostly the E8-singlet sector of E8×E8′ heterotic superstrings, or what henceforth will be referred to as "shadow matter." Just as the two chiral, subquark states of the E8′-singlet sector (ordinary matter) were described over a century ago by the Theosophists Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater, using a yogic siddhi, or paranormal ability, with the Sanskrit name of anima, so the fundamental constituents of shadow matter making up most of dark matter were, likewise, discovered and described by Ronald D. Cowen, a Canadian Buddhist and science teacher. This faculty of remote-viewing on the microscopic scale has been named "micro-psi" by the author. Cowen suddenly acquired this faculty (as well as other minor siddhis) after achieving in 1979 the so-called "Arahat  breakthrough" through many years of advanced, Buddhist meditation under the guidance of Namgyal Rinpoche, his spiritual teacher. This is described in his book "The Path of Love" (FriesenPress, 2015). The paranormal ability to magnify very small objects is described in verse 44 of the Uttara Tantra, a highly revered, Mahayana Buddhist text:

"The essence of Buddhahood at fruition has the
qualities of clear cognition, jnana, and freedom from
impurities. The quality of clear cognition has five
powers relating to the variety of phenomena. The first
power of clear cognition is 'divine vision,' which is the
ability to see extremely distant and small things..."

The following pages provide evidence supporting Cowen's discovery in the form of examples of sacred geometries that embody the various structural parameters of a basic (as yet undiscovered) subatomic particle that he claimed makes up an invisible kind of matter pervading the universe — or, rather, a universe that coexists with the familiar one yet is separate from it in a dimensional sense. Instead of the exotic flotsam and jetsam conjectured by theoretical physicists and astrophysicists to account for dark matter, Cowen's micro-psi observations imply the existence not of different states of ordinary matter that conform to the Standard Model but of entirely new forms of matter undescribed by this incomplete model that are as equally fundamental as atoms and their nuclei and more prevalent throughout the universe, being responsible for about 85% of its matter. Flying in the face of the orthodox, scientific presupposition that consciousness is an epiphenomenal product of neuronal activity in the brain, Cowen realised that he had been observing with micro-psi energy/information transfers in molecular counterparts of this invisible biomatter that are totally unknown to science because their gravitational forces are detectable only on the galactic scale of dark matter. According to Cowen, these complex processes serve as the basis of the mind/body interaction. Neuronal activity is merely the end product of these exchanges of energy/information between highly organised groups of particles that behave according to the laws of physics of another universe, namely, the invisible universe of shadow matter (the E8-singlet sector of E8×E8′ heterotic superstring theory). It is shown in this section to be part of the same, universal blueprint embodied in certain sacred geometries that shapes the particle, as yet undiscovered by particle physics, composing the so-called "up" and "down" quarks that the author's research indicates were remote-viewed 127 years ago by Besant & Leadbeater (see here and here).


Ron Cowen

Dedicated to the memory of Ronald D. Cowen


Shadow Matter

(the main ingredient of dark matter)

 Advice: reading of pages generally (but not always) requires previous study of earlier pages.

Page Topic


The E8-singlet counterpart of the E8-singlet state of the E8×E8′ heterotic superstring.


The Tree of Life basis of the fundamental particle of shadow matter. 


The superstring parameters 70 and 42 as parameters of sacred geometries.


Branch/trunk pattern of division in the space-time dimensions of the E8×E8′ heterotic superstring.


The Tetrahedral Lambda basis of the UPA and shadow matter particle.
7 Outer/inner Tree of Life and polygonal encodings of the form of the shadow matter particle.

The I Ching connection.

9 The Sri Yantra connection.
10 The 30 16-cells in the compound of two 600-cells embody the shadow superstring structural parameter 10080.
11 The yod population of the eight Type C triacontagons is the number of turns in the five helical whorls of the shadow matter superstring.
12 How the sacred number 7 expresses various superstring structural parameters.
13 The superstring structural parameter 672 as the 12th dodecagonal number.
14 The four-fold nature of the superstring structural parameters 336, 672, 1680 & 2016.
15  How the sacred number 528 demarcates space-time from all higher levels of reality.


 Representations of the number 1584 as 3×528.


The outer & inner Trees of Life with Type B polygons embody the E8×E8′ heterotic superstring structural parameter 2016.

18 The musical character of the E8- & E8-singlet states of the E8×E8 heterotic superstring.
19 The holistic parameter 137 parameterises the 10-d geometries of the shadow matter particle & the subquark.


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