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#52 How CTOL is encoded in various sacred geometries


CTOL encoded in sacred geometries

a) The inner Tree of Life consists of two sets of seven regular polygons that are enfolded in one another and sharing one "root edge." Either set of seven separate polygons have 48 corners. The triangle and square have seven corners (shown as black). One endpoint of the root edge (coloured red) is associated with the set of polygons on the right with red corners and the other endpoint (coloured blue) is associated with the second set of polygons. Endpoints can be treated formally as corners, so that 49 corners are associated with each set. The five types of polygons with the most corners have 41 corners. The (7+5) polygons separated by their root edge have (49+1+41=91) corners symbolizing the 91 Trees of CTOL. A set of seven polygons constructed from tetractyses has 295 yods. They symbolize the 295 SLs up to Chesed of the 49th Tree of Life. The seven corners of the triangle & square symbolize the lowest seven Trees of Life (7-tree); the 49 corners associated with the set of seven polygons symbolize the lowest 49 Trees (49-tree). The four yods of the root edge denote the next four SLs up to the top of this Tree. The five polygons with most corners have 251 yods symbolizing the 251 SLs above this Tree in the Cosmic Tree of Life (CTOL). The (7+5) separate polygons and the root edge have 550 yods that symbolize the 550 SLs in the 91 overlapping Trees of CTOL. See also here.

b) Each set of seven enfolded polygons of the inner Tree of Life has 264 yods when their 47 sectors are tetractyses. Eight black yods in each set are shared with the outer Tree of Life, which has 70 yods when its 16 triangles are tetractyses. This leaves 258 unshared yods, 254 of which are outside the root edge. Four purple yods are centres of polygons. (254−4=250) unshared yods outside the root edge surround the centres of polygons. The outer Tree of Life has (70−8−8=54) yods unshared with polygons. Four of these are Sephiroth, leaving 50 intrinsic yods that are not Sephiroth. The combined outer & inner Trees have (50+250+250=550) intrinsic yods that are not Sephiroth or centres of polygons. See also here.

c) When the 50 faces of the five Platonic solids with 50 vertices are divided into their 180 triangular sectors, the latter have (50+50=100) corners & (90+180=270) sides — a total of 550 geometrical elements. See also here.

d) When the 12 pentagonal faces of the dodecahedron are divided into their 60 sectors and the latter turned into tetractyses, they have 550 hexagonal yods. See also here.

e) The 60 vertices that surround an axis passing through two diametrically opposite C vertices of the disdyakis triacontahedron are the corners of 15 polygons that lie in a plane perpendicular to this axis. When regarded as Type B polygons, they comprise 550 corners, sides & triangles, including the two C vertices. See also here.

f) When Type A triangles having 19 yods, the 42 triangles that surround the central triangle of the Sri Yantra have 504 hexagonal yods on the 252 sides of their 126 tetractyses. When Type B, the central triangle has 46 yods (see here). The 43 triangles have 550 yods that are either hexagonal yods of the surrounding triangles or yods of the central one. See also here.

g) The Godname of Malkuth is ADONAI. Its number value is 65. This is the number of SLs in the 10-tree — the lowest 10 Trees of Life in CTOL. In fact, the number values of the Hebrew letters of ADONAI specify the numbers of different sets of SLS in the 10-tree (see here). It has 127 triangles with 65 corners and 169 sides. Dividing each triangle into its three sectors generates (127×3 = 381) triangles with (65+127=192) corners and (169+381=550) sides. As a parameter of sacred geometries, the number 550 appears in the 10-tree because the latter is the Tree of Life with each Sephirah itself represented by another Tree of Life.

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