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 #53 Correspondence between the Sri Yantra and the combined outer & inner Trees of Life

We saw in #50 that seven different objects with sacred geometries each possesses 240 structural elements, together with a "source," which is not necessarily a single entity. We found in #42 that this 1:240 pattern manifests in the inner Tree of Life as the root edge and the 240 sides of the 144 triangles making up the seven separate Type B polygons. Taking the Sri Yantra as a comparison, this pattern will now be shown to be embodied in the geometry of the combined outer & inner Trees of Life.

1:4:236 pattern in combined Trees of Life

When the 16 triangles in the outer Tree are divided into their sectors, 48 sides of the latter are added to the 22 sides of these triangles, creating 70 sides. The 94 sectors of the (7+7) enfolded polygons have 83 polygonal sides and 92 other sides. When superposed with the outer Tree of Life, its two side pillars become aligned with sides of sectors of the two hexagons. This means that four of the 70 sides of the outer Tree (coloured white) are shared with the 175 sides of the inner Tree. The number of sides in the combined Trees = 70 − 4 + 175 = 241. One of these is the root edge (also coloured white). Hence, there are 240 sides in the combined Trees outside the root edge. Four are shared, leaving 236 sides of 142 triangles.

This 1:4:236 pattern manifests in the 2-dimensional Sri Yantra as the 236 corners, sides & triangles making up the 42 triangles that surround both its central bindu point and the three sides & lowest corner of the central triangle that are unshared with these triangles:

Sri Yantra

For details of the calculation, see here. The root edge is the counterpart of the bindu, symbolizing the source of Creation. The four sides of triangles shared between the outer & inner Trees correspond to the three sides and lowest corner of the central triangle that are intrinsic to it (that is, unshared with the 42 triangles surrounding it). The 236 geometrical elements that are unshared between the outer & inner Trees of Life correspond to the 236 geometrical elements that make up the 42 triangles surrounding the central one.


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