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#16 The 3-tree and the inner Tree of Life encode the human bones and acupuncture points


We saw in #4 that the inner form of three overlapping Trees of Life that map the three large-scale dimensions of space have 206 corners symbolizing the 206 bones in the human skeleton. Together with the acupuncture points of the human body, they will now be shown to be embodied in the outer form of these Trees.


 The 80 yods in the trunk of the Tree of Life

Constructed from 19 tetractyses, the 1-tree is composed of 80 yods, where 80 is the number value of Yesod. Its "trunk" is the mathematical sequence:

 It consists of 35 black yods, the "branches" (everything in the 1-tree outside its trunk) comprising 45 green yods. YAHWEH, the Godname of Chokmah with number value 26, prescribes the trunk because it consists of 10 points, 10 lines, five triangles & one tetrahedron, i.e., 26 geometrical elements. ELOHIM, the Godname of Binah with number value 50, prescribes the 1-tree because 50 hexagonal yods line on its 25 Paths. EL, the Godname of Chesed with number value 31, prescribes the branches of the 1-tree because the latter comprises 11 points, 25 lines, 19 triangles & two tetrahedra, i.e., 57 geometrical elements, so that (57−26=31) geometrical elements make up its branches.


Constructed from Type A triangles, the 1-tree has 251 yods, of which 80 yods make up its trunk and 171 yods make up its branches. 45 blue yods are added to the 35 black yods originally in the trunk, whilst 126 red yods are added to the 45 green yods originally present in the branches. The 80 yods in the trunk of the 1-tree symbolize the 80 bones in the human axial skeleton and the 126 red yods added by the transformation of triangles into Type A triangles.


This leaves the original 45 green yods still to be interpreted. The number of yods in the n-tree with Type A triangles is given by

N(n) = 158n + 93.


Therefore, N(3) = 567. The 3-tree contains (567−206=361) yods other than those symbolizing bones. It represents the 3-dimensional body of Adam Kadmon ("Heavenly Man"), the 361 yods denoting the 361 classical acupoints established over many centuries by acupuncturists:

Human axial & appendicular skeletons Tree of Life basis of human skeleton & acupoints  

So the 45 green yods originally in the branches of the 1-tree symbolize acupoints (in fact, the Stomach Meridian contains 45 acupoints). The number 567 is a parameter of the inner Tree of Life in the following way: with their 47 sectors tetractyses or Type A triangles, there are 120 yods lying on the 42 sides of the set of seven enfolded polygons, where 120 = 22 + 42 + 62 + 82:


120 yods on boundaries of 7 enfolded polygons


As pointed out in #3, the two sets of seven enfolded polygons have 1370 yods when their 94 sectors are Type A triangles. This means that each set contains 687 yods, so that (687−120=567) coloured yods are inside the boundaries of the seven enfolded polygons delineated by the 120 black yods:

(120+567) yods in 7 enfolded Type B polygons 


We see that the number of yods in the 3-tree mapping the 3-dimensional, outer form of Adam Kadmon is exactly the number of yods inside the seven enfolded polygons making up the inner form of the Tree of Life! Is this coincidence? No! What the numbers are revealing here is transcendental design embodied in sacred geometry.


The number of yods in a Type B, n-sided polygon is 15n + 1, where "1" denotes the yod at its centre. 3n yods lie on its boundary and (12n+1) yods are inside it. Of these, (n+1) yods are corners of 3n tetractyses with 8n hexagonal yods on their 4n sides and with 3n hexagonal yods at their centres. The right-hand corner of the triangle is the centre of the hexagon when it is enfolded, so that the latter cannot be included in the 567 yods because it lies on the boundary of the triangle. Similarly, the right-hand corner of the pentagon is the centre of the decagon when it is enfolded, so, it, too, cannot be counted in the 567 yods. As the triangle is a sector of the hexagon, these two polygons share two hexagonal yods on each of the two sides outside the root edge. They also share the centre of the triangle, two hexagonal yods on the internal sides of its three sectors and the hexagonal yods at the centres of the latter. Hence, 15 of the 73 internal yods in the hexagon (n = 6) are shared, leaving 58 internal, unshared yods. 15 is the number of YAH, the older Godname of Chokmah, whose number is 73.


The numbers of yods inside the seven enfolded polygons that belong to the set of 567 yods are tabulated below:



(n = 3)

(n = 4)

(n = 5)

(n = 6)

(n = 8)

(n = 10)

(n = 12)

 Number of internal yods 37 49 61 58 97 120 145
 Number of corners of tetractyses 4 5 6 5 9 10 13
 Number of hexagonal yods on sides of tetractyses 24 32 40 38 64 80 96
 Number of hexagonal yods at centres of tetractyses 9 12 15 15 24 30 36


 Shown below is how these internal yods symbolize the 206 bones and 361 acupoints in the human body:


Encoding of bones & acupoints in inner Tree of Life

The 80 purple hexagonal yods on sides of the 30 tetractyses in the orange decagon symbolize the 80 bones in the axial skeleton. The 126 pink hexagonal yods on sides of tetractyses in the violet triangle, green hexagon & yellow octagon denote the 126 bones in the appendicular skeleton. The 52 white yods that are corners of tetractyses in the seven polygons symbolize the 52 acupoints of the Governing and Conception Vessels. The 218 red hexagonal yods in the triangle, square, hexagon, octagon & decagon and on sides of tetractyses in the dodecagon denote the 218 acupoints in the six Yang meridians. The 91 blue hexagonal yods in the pentagon and at centres of tetractyses in the dodecagon denote the 91 acupoints in the six Yin meridians.


See Article 32 for a full discussion of the Tree of Life basis of the bones in the human skeleton and the acupoints in the human body.


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