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 #39 The meaning of the holistic parameter 1512

The number 1512 has the following meaning vis-à-vis the inner form of the Tree of Life. Its (7+7) enfolded Type A polygons have 524 yods, that is, 520 yods outside the root edge. Of these, seven yods lie on the vertical line joining the centre of each hexagon to its top and bottom corners and are shared with the outer Tree of Life because they line each of the Pillars of Mercy and Severity. The centres of the two triangles that are part of the inner Tree of Life coincide with the two hexagonal yods on the Chesed-Geburah Path when the 16 triangles of the outer Tree are tetractyses. Hence, (7+1+7+1=16) yods of the inner Tree are shared with the outer Tree. The number of yods outside the root edge that are intrinsic to the inner Tree = 520 − 16 = 504. The inner form of any three successive, overlapping Trees of Life has (504×3=1512) yods that belong solely to it. This particular factorisation turns out to be significant in the description of any holistic system that embodies the number 1512. For example, the author's research (see here) into the cross-shaped group of boulders called "Nolan's Cross" on the world-famous Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia proves that its intended measurements conform to the 6:5 division that is characteristic of holistic systems. For example, the trunk of the Tree of Life comprises 10 straight lines (Paths) and its branches have 12 straight lines, where 12/10 = 6/5, whilst the two polyhedra making up the Polyhedral Tree of Life have 72 and 60 vertices surrounding their axes, where 72/60 = 6/5. Nolan's Cross is not a distorted part of the outer Tree of Life, as some people have believed, but a precise representation of its properties, using lengths of straight lines to indicate their magnitude. The author's research indicates that the unit of length used to create Nolan's Cross was 72 ft. The number 72 is the number value of Chesed, the first Sephirah of Construction. As the length of the cross is predicted to be 1584 ft, where 1584 = 22×72 = (1 + 3×7)×72 = 72 + 3×7×72 = 72 + 3×504, it consists of three sections of length 504 ft surrounding a core segment of 72 ft. The number 22 is both the number of Paths in the outer Tree of Life and the number of letters in the ancient Hebrew alphabet, excluding the five so-called 'final letters,' which are five letters that are written differently when they appear at the end of a word and which were added later for the sake of convenience in reading. The numbers 72, 1584 & 1512, as well as the factorisation of the latter as 3×504, also manifest in a highly significant manner in a bas-relief carving on a world-famous, stone megalith located in South America. Its identity will be revealed when the author's next book deciphering the meaning of its images is published.

Why should the number 1512 be so characteristic of holistic systems embodying the divine blueprint that it appears in diverse contexts like the two examples mentioned above, which have been proved by the author to depict such systems? We have just seen that it quantifies the inner forms of three overlapping Trees of Life when the 42 polygons making up the former are Type A because they have 1512 yods (504 yods per Tree) that are unshared with their outer forms. Let us now calculate the yod populations of the combined outer and inner forms of n Trees of Life when the former is composed of Type A triangles and the latter consists of Type B polygons.

Outer form of n Trees of Life

Inner form of n Trees of Life 

Number of corners of Type A triangles = 6n + 4.
Number of sides of triangles = 16n + 6.
Number of triangles = 12n + 4.
Number of yods lining sides of triangles = 6n + 4 + 2(16n+6) = 38n + 16.
Ten yods are inside each triangle.
Total number of yods = 38n + 16 + 10(12n+4) = 158n + 56.

Number of yods in 14 Type B polygons = 1370.
Top corners of hexagons coincide with the lowest cormers of hexagons belonging to the inner form of the next higher Tree. Number of yods in the 14n Type B polygons enfolded in n Trees = 1368n + 2.

Combined outer & inner forms of n Trees of Life

(14n+2) yods in the outer form of n Trees are shared with their inner form. Total number of yods intrinsic to the outer form of n Trees = 158n + 56 − (14n+2) = 144n + 54.
Total number of yods in combined outer & inner forms of n Trees =  144n + 54 + 1368n + 2 = 1512n + 56.
Number of yods in every combined outer & inner Tree of Life = 1512(n+1) + 56 − 1512n − 56 = 1512.   

We find that 1512 yods are needed to generate the outer & inner forms of the (n+1)th Tree from the outer & inner forms of the nth Tree of Life. This number is therefore a global parameter of a single Tree of Life (both its outer & inner forms). Successive Trees add 144 (=2×72) yods in their outer forms and 1368 (=19×72) yods in their inner forms. As 1512 = 21×72, it is generated by assigning the number value 21 of EHYEH (אהיה), the Godname of Kether, meaning "I am", to the 72 yods that surround the centre of a hexagram constructed in a minimal way from 12 tetractyses:

Hexagram representation of 1512 21 as sum of first 6 integers Star of David representation of 1512

504 = 3×168, where

168 = 132 − 1 = 3 + 5 + 7 + ... + 25.

The counterpart of this in CTOL is the three sets of 168 SLs lining the three pillars down to the top of the 7-tree that maps the physical plane (space-time). Therefore,

1512 = 3×504 = 32×168 = 32(132−1) = 392 − 32,


392 = 1 + 3 + 5 +... + 77


32 = 1 + 3 + 5,

so that

1512 = 7 + 9 +... + 77.

This number is the sum of the first 36 (= 62) odd integers after 6. It can be represented by a hexagram with these successive, odd integers lining the 12 sides of the six-pointed star. Both these representations are prescribed by ELOHA, the Godname of Geburah (the sixth Sephirah), whose number value is 36. The integer 6 determines the number 1512 in a purely arithmetic way because 1512 = 7×6×6×6, where 7 is the sixth integer after 1. Notice also that, as 1512 = 2×36×21 = 2×62(1+2+3+4+5+6), it is twice the product of the sixth square number and the sixth triangular number. Its factorisation as 3×504 manifests in the sum of the first 36 odd integers after 6 as follows: as

168 = 3 + 5 + 7 + ... + 25,

504 = 3×168 = 9 + 15 + 21 +... + 75.

Subtracting this from the sum,

1512 − 504 = 1008 = 7 + 11 + 13 + 17 + 19 + ...+ 73 + 77

= (7+77=84) + (11+73=84) + (13+71=84) + (17+67=84) + (19+65=84) + (23+62=84) + (35+59=84) + (29+55=84) + (31+53=84) + (35+49=84) + (37+47=84) + (41+43=84)

= (84+84+84+84+84+84) + (84+84+84+84+84+84) = 6×84 + 6×84 = 504 + 504.

Therefore, when expressed as the sum of the first 36 odd integers after 6, the number 1512 naturally divides into the sums of three groups of 12 odd integers, each group adding to 504.

Further evidence of the number 1512 as a parameter of holistic systems is provided by the 3-d Sri Yantra when the 42 triangles surrounding its central one are Type B. Such a triangle contains 46 yods, of which nine are hexagonal yods at centres of its nine tetractyses. (46−9=37) yods line their sides. The 42 triangles are arranged in four sheets stacked in the vertical plane as rings of eight violet, 10 green, 10 orange & 14 blue/grey triangles:

1512 yods line 42 triangles in 3-d Sri Yantra Nolan's Cross Measurements of Nolan's Cross
1512 yods line the sides of the 278 tetractyses making up the 42 Type B triangles of the Sri Yantra. They form three groups of 504 yods. Nolan's Cross on Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia is marked out by five large, cone-shaped boulders. The reason why the surface entrance to the Money Pit shaft has to be located at the intersection of the two yellow straight lines joining two pairs of boulders is given on pp. 99−105 here. The predicted length of the three equally-long sections of Nolan's Cross that surround its central segment 72 ft long is 1512 ft. This is one yard short of its actual length — a discrepancy of about 0.19% that is readily explained by several boulders being moved aside in order to ascertain what might be beneath them.

Each triangle in a ring shares two corners (boundary yods) with its neighbours. There are 36 boundary yods per triangle. The total number of boundary yods generating the form of the 42 triangles when they are Type B = 42×36 = 1512. Referring to the second Sri Yantra shown above, the 14 green triangles in the fourth sheet contain (14×36=504) boundary yods. The 28 remaining triangles consist of 14 red triangles and their 14 blue mirror images, reflected across the central vertical plane perpendicular to the sheets of triangles that passes through the centre of the central triangle and the bindu (black dot) that hovers above the former. This means that the 1512 boundary yods form three sets of 504 yods — one set whose yods are distributed as 252 yods and their 252 mirror images and two sets, one of which contains 504 yods that are the mirror images of the 504 yods in the other set. The Sri Yantra allows this three-fold division due to the fact that the fourth sheet contains one-third of all the triangles, so that the first, second & third sheets contain two-thirds of all the triangles, i.e., twice as many as in the fourth sheet. Its counterpart in Nolan's Cross is how its geometry divides the length of 1512 ft* surrounding its central core of 72 ft into three natural sections of 504 ft (for details, see page 34 here; the three-fold division of its counterpart in the outer & inner Trees of Life is analysed on pp. 34−36). Every foot of length measured along the vertical and horizontal arms of the cross corresponds to one yod in the isomorphic sacred geometries of the Sri Yantra and the outer & inner Trees of Life. Nolan's Cross was not merely a device designed to provide the location of valuable things buried under the soil of Oak Island. It should be regarded as just as "valuable" in its own right, for it represents the cosmic blueprint depicted in these sacred geometries. That is why it embodies the number 1512 as a global parameter of holistic systems. Such a minimal representation made by a few straight lines amounts to a work of genius. The question is: whose genius?

* This, of course, refers to the predicted total length if none of the boulders had been moved since their original placement. Its actual total length, measured after several boulders were moved aside shortly after their discovery in order to discover what might be beneath them, is not 1584 ft but 1587 ft. This is one yard too long — a discrepancy of about 0.19% whose small magnitude is plausibly explained by this movement. The topic is discussed here on page 106 in the author's account of how the sacred geometry of Nolan's Cross locates the position on Oak Island of the so-called "Money Pit"— a deep (now collapsed) shaft that many people have come to believe contains buried treasure.

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