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#15 Ten Trees of Life embody the 64 codon pattern in RNA and the 1680 turns of the helical whorl of the UPA


10 Trees of Life embody codon pattern in RNA & superstring structure 









1680 turns in whorl of UPA






























Ten overlapping Trees of Life have 64 SLs, where 64 is the number value of Nogah, the Mundane Chakra of Netzach. This is the number of hexagrams in the I Ching table shown above because a hexagram is a pair of trigrams, of which there are eight types, so that there are (8×8=64) possible pairings. It is also the number of codons in mRNA, the single-strand molecule that synthesizes polypeptides, each codon encoding for one of the 20 standard amino acids used in the synthesis of proteins. Most of the amino acids are encoded by more than one codon (see Article 46 for more details about how sacred geometries encode the 64 codons of mRNA and the 64 anticodons of tRNA).


The seven enfolded polygons of making up half of the inner Tree of Life consist of 41 corners and 88 sides of their 47 triangular sectors. Of these 176 geometrical elements, three corners and two sides coincide with, respectively, Chokmah, Chesed & Netzach and the two Paths on the Pillar of Mercy. Their root edge, which comprises two endpoints and a straight line, does not lie on the Path connecting Kether and Tiphareth because the plane of the two sets of seven polygons lies in the plane passing through the two side pillars, which does not pass through the Pillar of Equilibrium. Of the (176−3=173) geometrical elements of the inner Tree of Life that are outside the root edge, five elements belong also to its outer form, so that there are (173−5=168) elements outside the root edge of the seven enfolded polygons that are unshared. In a set of overlapping Trees, there are 168 intrinsic geometrical elements outside the root edge of the set of seven polygons enfolded in each Tree. The 70 polygons enfolded in 10 overlapping Trees of Life have 1680 intrinsic geometrical elements outside their root edges (the 41 turquoice corners & sides in the diagram are shared with the 10 Trees). In other words, 1680 new bits of information are need to construct these polygons, starting from their root edges. This is the number of 1st-order spirillae counted by C.W. Leadbeater in each whorl of the UPA, which he claimed was the basic constituent of atoms (see here). Ten overlapping Trees is the complete representation of the Tree of Life in which each Sephirah is represented by another Tree of Life. Amazingly, not only are the 64 SLs in the outer form of these Trees the counterpart of the 64 different codons that encode the amino acids in the peptide chains making up the proteins of biological matter but also the 1680 intrinsic, geometrical elements needed to construct their inner form correspond to the number of circular turns in each helical whorl of the subquark — the building block of physical (nuclear) matter!


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