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1370 edges in 144 Polyhedron 

Suppose that the 144 triangular faces of the 144 Polyhedron with 216 edges are divided into their sectors. This creates (3×144=432) triangles with 432 internal sides and 216 external sides, that is, 648 sides.

Next, suppose that the 216 internal triangles formed by the centre of the 144 Polyhedron and its 216 edges are divided into their (3×216=648) sectors sharing 648 sides. The 74 vertices are the endpoints of 74 sides of triangles, so that there are (648+74=722) internal sides of triangles. The (432+648=1080) triangles in the 144 Polyhedron have (648+722=1370) sides. This is the number of yods in the 14 enfolded polygons of the inner Tree of Life when their 94 sectors are divided further into sectors and each sector then turned into a tetractys! This is remarkable evidence that the 144 Polyhedron is a holistic object that embodies the global properties of the inner Tree of Life. More evidence is presented in Article 23. It embodies the number 137 that determines as its reciprocal the approximate value of the fine-structure constant: α = e2/ħc ≈ 1/137. Despite their attempts to unify the forces of nature, this number is regarded by physicists as a great mystery still because, although electro-weak theory may unify the mathematical description of the electromagnetic interaction (mediated by photons) and the weak force (mediated by the W± & Zo particles), it leaves the magnitude of the coupling constant α unexplained even though the theory can relate it to the coupling constant of the unified electro-weak force. All examples of true sacred geometry are characterized by the same set of parameters. One of them is the number 137, which is embodied in the inner Tree of Life as the number of tetractyses whose yods is equal to its yod population when its 14 polygons are constructed from tetractyses. No better example can be given of how the tetractys serves as the template of sacred geometry, turning it into numbers of universal (and therefore scientific) significance. Here is the Tree of Life basis of this important number whose origin remains unexplained by particle physics. It is embodied in the very geometry of its inner form!

137 is the 33rd prime number. As the sum of the factorials of 1, 2, 3 & 4, the number 33 is the sum of the numbers of permutations of the four rows of 1, 2, 3 & 4 objects arranged in a tetractys. The full significance of this vis-à-vis the outer & inner forms of the Tree of Life is analysed here and in Article 56.

"Force" and "form" or "wave" and "particle" represent the dualistic aspects of matter. In the Taoist tradition, they are equivalent to the Yang and Yin aspects of nature. The 144 Polyhedron embodies the number that determines the strength of the electromagnetic force that creates atoms as electromagnetically bound states of electrons and their charged nuclei. It is the Yang aspect of the Polyhedral Tree of Life. As will be seen in Superstrings as sacred geometry, the disdyakis triacontahedron embodies in its geometrical form the number 1680 characterizing the ten whorls of the E8×E8 heterotic superstring remote-viewed over a century ago by the Theosophists Annie Besant & C.W. Leadbeater (see Occult Chemistry). It is the Yin aspect of the Polyhedral Tree of Life. Its two polyhedral components reflect the fundamental dualism pervading matter and biological life.

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