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#61 Equivalence of the 2-dimensional Sri Yantra and 10 overlapping Trees of Life

 Correspondence between 10 Trees of Life and 2-d Sri Yantra



A set of n overlapping Trees of Life with their (12n+4) triangles turned into tetractyses have (50n+20) yods. When their 124 triangles are turned into tetractyses, 10 overlapping Trees of Life have 520 yods. They are made up of 248 red yods up to Chesed of the fifth Tree (the 31st SL) and 248 blue yods beyond it up to (but not including) Chesed of the tenth Tree (the 61st SL). Beyond the 496 yods up to the latter are 24 black yods.

When they are Type A triangles, the central triangle of the 2-dimensional Sri Yantra has 19 yods and the 42 triangles surrounding it have (12×42=504) hexagonal yods on the 252 sides of their 126 tetractyses. Of these, 12 sides with 24 black hexagonal yods are touched by these triangles, splitting each side into pairs of lines. This leaves (252−12=240) sides with (504−24=480) hexagonal yods on them that are untouched, so that they are single, straight lines instead of two lines that meet at the touching point. Surrounding the centre of the central triangle are 18 yods, 16 of which are intrinsic to it because they are unshared with surrounding triangles. There are (480+16=496) yods that are either hexagonal yods of true sides of tetractyses in the 42 triangles or yods in the central triangle unshared with surrounding triangles. 248 red yods and 248 blue yods are associated with either half of the 2-dimensional Sri Yantra, one half being the mirror image of the other.

The 248 red yods in the 10 Trees up to the 31st SL correspond to the 248 red yods in one half of the 2-dimensional Sri Yantra; the next 248 blue yods up to the 61st SL correspond to the 248 blue yods in its mirror image half. The remaining 24 black yods in 10 overlapping Trees of Life correspond to the 24 black hexagonal yods on sides of triangles that are touched by corners of other triangles.

The 5:5 division of the holistic set of 10 Trees, each representing a Sephirah, generates the 248:248 division of the 496 yods up to Chesed of the tenth Tree. In the 2-dimensional Sri Yantra, it is its mirror symmetry only across the central, vertical axis (not the central, horizontal axis) that splits the 496 yods in half. This divides the 16 yods intrinsic to the central triangle into eight red yods and eight blue yods (two of each type lie in the vertical plane of the mirror and six lie on each side of it). The eight red yods symbolize the eight simple roots of the rank-8 Lie group E8 and the eight blue yods symbolize the eight simple roots of E8'. The 240 red yods denote the 240 roots of E8 and the 240 blue yods symbolize the 240 roots of E8'. The two halves of each sacred geometry are responsible for the two similar Lie groups E8 & E8' in the direct product E8×E8' describing the symmetry of the unified interaction between one of the two types of heterotic superstrings (see also the discussion of the Sri Yantra in the section "496 = 248 + 248" of The holistic pattern). #26 discusses other examples of how mirror symmetry causes the same division responsible for the symmetry group of superstring forces being the direct product of two similar symmetry groups. It is the Kabbalistic distinction between the Lower Face of the Tree of Life and its Upper Face that manifests in the physical realisation of this cosmic blueprint as the universe of ordinary matter and the co-existing, invisible, interpenetrating (apart from one of the 10 spatial dimensions) universe of shadow matter.





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