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 #11 ADONAI MELEKH prescribes the dodecagon


Representation of ADONAI MELEKH

155 hexagonal yods associated with each dodecagon


The complete Godname of Malkuth is ADONAI MELEKH ("The Lord and King"). Its number value is 155. It can be represented geometrically by a Type B decagon with 151 yods that is enclosed by a square whose four corners count as yods. Far from being arbitrary, this representation reproduces all the letter values of the Godname, for they denote the numbers of different types of yods present, each having its own colour/shape. In fact, the distinction between the Type A & Type B dodecagons adds 90 yods, whilst 90 is the number value of MELEKH, its letter values denoting the numbers of different types of yods generated by transforming the Type A dodecagon into the Type B one. Such detailed correspondence is far too implausible to be due to chance. Instead, it demonstrates very clearly the geometrical basis of Godnames revealed by the tetractys.

There are 155 hexagonal yods associated with each joined, Type B dodecagon. ADONAI MELEKH picks out the dodecagon because it is the polygonal counterpart of the outer Tree of Life, embodying the superstring structural parameter 168 as the number of yods in the Type B dodecagon other than the 13 corners of its 12 sectors (see here). The two joined dodecagons have 310 hexagonal yods, i.e., the number of yods in 31 tetractyses. EL ("God"), the Godname of Chesed with number value 31, prescribes the pair of dodecagons. 282 yods outside their shared root edge line the 118 sides of the 72 tetractyses, where 72 is the number value of Chesed. 282 is the number value of Aralim ("Thrones") the Order of Angels assigned to Binah. Of these, two yods are the centres of the dodecagons. Therefore, 280 yods outside the root edge surround their centres and line sides of tetractyses. 280 is the number value of Sandalphon ("Manifest Messiah"), the Archangel of Malkuth. Altogether, there are 352 yods outside the root edge that surround the centres. 352 is the 351st integer after 1, where 351 is the number value of Ashim ("Souls of Fire"), the Order of Angels assigned to Malkuth. 351 is the 26th triangular number:

351 = 1 + 2 + 3 + ... + 26,

showing how YAHWEH, the Godname of Chokmah with number value 26, prescribes this number.

ADONAI MELEKH is also represented by a pentagram enclosed in a square whose corners symbolize the four Elements of Earth, Water, Air & Fire:

Pentagram representation of Adonai Melekh

 This demonstrates the profound, geometrical basis of the gematria number values of the Kabbalistic Godnames.

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