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 1680 yods in 1st 6 polygons, in hexagons & in dodecagons enfolded in 10 Trees of Life







There are 1680 yods lining the 600 sides of the first (6+6) polygons enfolded in ten Trees of Life. It must be emphasized that this is the number of boundary yods that are intrinsic to the polygons enfolded in the ten Trees. The topmost corner of each hexagon enfolded in the highest Tree coincides with the lowest corner of a hexagon enfolded in the eleventh Tree. So these two yods are not included in the 1680 yods because they are not intrinsic to the geometry of the 120 polygons enfolded in the ten Trees of Life. The 840 red yods and the 840 blue yods on each side of these Trees symbolize the 840 turns in the outer and inner halves of a whorl of the UPA/superstring.

This 840:840 division exists in the ten pairs of hexagons other than their 82 corners when their sectors are Type A triangles.

As a Type B dodecagon with Type A triangles as sectors has 181 yods, it has (181–13=168) yods other than the 13 corners of these sectors. So the number 1680 manifests in the ten dodecagons enfolded in ten Trees as the 840 red yods other than corners of sectors in five dodecagons and as the 840 blue yods other than corners of sectors in the other five dodecagons. This indicates that the two halves of a whorl are the manifestation of the 5:5 division of Sephiroth in the Tree of Life. The outer half corresponds to the five Sephiroth of Construction in the Lower Face of the Tree of Life.












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