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 168 yods on sides of first (6+6) enfolded polygons

The Godnames of the ten Sephiroth prescribe not only the inner Tree of Life but also certain sets of its 14 polygons. These subsets are holistic in themselves, exhibiting the number values of the Sephiroth in the four Worlds. An example is the pair of the first six enfolded polygons which, for example, are prescribed by the Godname ELOHIM with number value 50 because they have 50 corners. In keeping with the meaning of Malkuth, 168 yods line the sides of the 12 polygons outside the root edge, creating their shapes. One set of six polygons has 84 red yods and the other set has 84 blue yods.

The superstring significance of this holistic object is that the number value 168 of Cholem Yesodoth, the Mundane Chakra of Malkuth, measures the 168 turns in a half-revolution of a whorl of the UPA, there being 84 turns in a quarter-revolution.

As the triangle & hexagon have the same number of yods on their sides outside the root edge as the square & pentagon, there are two ways in which the 12 polygons embody the number value 78 of Cholem and the number value 90 of Yesodoth:



Triangle, hexagon & octagon square, pentagon & decagon
Square, pentagon & octagon triangle, hexagon & decagon

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