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#20 Correspondence between the 7-tree and the 3-d Sri Yantra


Equivalence of 7-tree & 3-d Sri Yantra

When the triangles in its Trees are turned into tetractyses, there are 384 yods up to the level of the apex of the 7-tree. Similarly, when the 43 triangles of the 3-dimensional Sri Yantra are tetractyses, it has 384 yods other than the centre and corners of the central triangle. This is another indication that the Sri Yantra is equivalent to the emanation of seven Trees of Life, i.e., that it is a map of the seven planes of consciousness taught about in Theosophy. Including the hexagonal yod at the centre of the central triangle, there are 385 yods, where





 385 =









This is an example of the mathematical beauty in the design of the Sri Yantra and its isomorphic counterpart — the Tree of Life. The seven Trees constitute a whole because they are the Tree of Life representation of the seven Sephiroth of Construction — the seven cosmic, formative aspects of God.

As 385 = 1 + 384 = 1 + 8×48, the number 385 is prescribed by EL CHAI, the Godname of Yesod with number value 49, because an octagon symbolizes the number 8 and has 48 yods surrounding its centre when its sectors are tetractyses, so that these 49 yods generate the number 385 when the number 8 is assigned to each of these and the number 1 assigned to the central yod:

Octagonal representation of number 384

The 192 red lines & broken lines in the upper diagonal half of the table of 64 hexagrams correspond to the 24 red yods, each weighted with the number 8, that line the perimeter of the octagon and the 192 blue lines & broken lines in the lower diagonal half correspond to the 24 blue yods, each weighted with the number 8, inside the perimeter that surround its centre. Arithmetically, this representation is possible because 384 = 64×6 = 8×8×6 = 8×48. The six yods per sector correspond to the six lines & broken lines in each hexagram, the eight sectors correspond to the eight types of trigrams arranged in the eight columns of the table and the weight 8 corresponds to their eight copies distributed one to each of its eight rows. One sector corresponds to the eight hexagrams in the diagonal of the 8×8 square array and the seven other sectors correspond to the seven copies of the trigrams above and below the diagonal.

In the case of the 3-dimensional Sri Yantra, one sector of the octagon generating the number 48 corresponds to the 42 hexagonal yods at the centres of the 42 triangles and to the six hexagonal yods in the central triangle. The 21 red yods in the seven other sectors of the octagon correspond to the 168 yods on sides of the 21 triangles in one half of the Sri Yantra; the 21 blue yods in the seven others correspond to the 168 yods on sides of the 21 triangles in the other half of the Sri Yantra.

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