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#1 The 7-tree mapping space-time embodies the number 137 in the fine-structure constant and the superstring structural parameter 168

Each of the 10 whorls of the UPA described in 1908 by Besant & Leadbeater in their book "Occult Chemistry" is a helical coil with 1680 circular turns. As a whorl twists five times around the axis of spin of the UPA, there are 168 turns in each of the 10 half-revolutions of a whorl. This number is the gematria number value of Cholem Yesodoth, the Mundane Chakra of Malkuth. It expresses the outer form, or Malkuth aspect, of the UPA as the realisation in the subatomic world of the Tree of Life blueprint:


1680 turns in helical whorl Number value of Cholem Yesodeth
The 10 whorls of the UPA.

A helical whorl has 1680 circular turns.

 The gematria number value 168 of Cholem Yesodoth, the Mundane Chakra of Malkuth.

Each whorl is the manifestation of one of the 10 Sephiroth. The uppermost three whorls are the "major whorls" and correspond to Kether, Chokmah & Binah of the Supernal Triad. The seven "minor whorls" correspond to the seven Sephiroth of Construction. Besant & Leadbeater believed that the UPA was the basic unit of physical matter belonging to the physical plane. Their belief was correct. However, the truth is deeper than this, for the UPA is merely the least heavy of the various subquark states of the E8×E8 heterotic superstring. Although it is not the only form of particle that can exist in the universe, as Besant & Leadbeater believed in 1895, when they first examined the UPA, it is the lightest spin-½ hadron that makes up the nuclei of atoms. Therefore, it is highly significant that the Mundane Chakra of the very Sephirah that signifies the outer, material form of the Tree of Life in the subatomic world should have a gematria number value (168) that quantifies the oscillatory form of the superstring, namely, the 168 circularly polarised waves that propagate in every half-revolution of a whorl, which twists five times around the axis of the UPA.

The number 168 not only expresses the form of the subquark superstring but also specifies the location in CTOL of the 7-tree that maps the physical plane. CTOL has 550 SLs and the 7-tree has 47 SLs. Its apex is the 504th SL from the top of CTOL, there being two SLs on each Pillar in each of the 84 higher Tree of Life, so that there are 168 SLs on the Pillar of Judgement and 168 SLs on the Pillar of Mercy above the top of the 7-tree, which is the 168th SL on the central Pillar of Equilibrium. This is why the number value of the Mundane Chakra of Malkuth has to be 168. The seven planes of consciousness bear a formal correspondence to the seven Sephiroth of Construction, as are the seven subplanes of each plane, and every subplane is mapped by a Tree of Life, so that the physical plane is mapped by the lowest seven Trees in CTOL. The number 168 is also the number of corners & sides of the 91 triangles making up the 7-tree, as shown in the diagram below: 

137 corners & triangles below 168th SL on Pillar of Equilibrium 

The n-tree has (12n+7) triangles with (6n+5) corners and (16n+9) sides. As the lowest seven of the 91 overlapping Trees of Life in CTOL, the 7-tree comprises 91 triangles with 47 corners and 121 sides. It contains (47+121=168) corners & sides, (47+91=138) corners & triangles, (121+91= 212) sides & triangles and (47+121+91=259) corners, sides & triangles. The 168th SL on the Pillar of Equilibrium from the top of CTOL has 137 corners & triangles below it.

Counting from the top of CTOL, the 168th SL on the Pillar of Equilbrium has below it 91 triangles with 168 corners and sides. It is implausible that such juxtaposition of two instances of this number can be attributed to chance. Instead, it is an indication of the inherent, conceptual coherence that pervades the analogous representation of all levels of reality by sacred geometries. There are 138 corners & triangles up to the top of the 7-tree, so that below the 168th SL are 137 corners & triangles. This juxtaposition of two different cosmic numbers is equally impossible to dismiss as coincidental. The number of yods in the n-tree ≡ Y(n) = 50n + 30. The number of yods in the 7-tree = Y(7) = 380. There are two yods outside the 7-tree on either side of the Pillar of Equilibrium up to the level of its apex. There are 384 yods up to this level. This is another cosmic parameter (see here for examples of sacred geometries that embody this number). The 7-tree therefore embodies at least three cosmic parameters in its geometrical and yod compositions.

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