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#19 The holistic parameter 384 in various sacred geometries

 The number 384 in sacred geometries

The centres of the 14 regular polygons making up the inner Tree of Life are surrounded by 384 corners, sides & triangular sectors.


The 64 hexagrams used in the ancient Chinese form of divination called "I Ching" have 384 lines & broken lines.


The first (6+6) enfolded, Type A polygons of the inner form of the Tree of Life have 386 yods when their 70 sectors are tetractyses. The topmost corners of the two hexagons coincide with the lowest corners of the two hexagons enfolded in the next higher Tree. This means that 384 yods are intrinsic to the two sets of the first six polygons enfolded in every successive Tree.

384 yods outside the root edge line the sides of the 102 tetractyses in the first (4+4) enfolded Type B polygons.


The number 384 is a defining parameter of holistic systems possessing sacred geometry (see The holistic pattern). See also #36 in this section.










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