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#10 Correspondence between the 7-tree and the Sri Yantra


 Correspondence between 7-tree and Sri Yantra

When the triangles in the Trees of the 7-tree are turned into tetractyses, there are 384 yods up to the level of its apex. Similarly, when the 43 triangles of the 3-dimensional Sri Yantra are tetractyses, it has 384 yods other than the centre and corners of the central triangle. This is another indication that the Sri Yantra is equivalent to the emanation of seven Trees of Life, i.e., that it is a map of the seven planes of consciousness taught by Theosophy and various esoteric traditions. Including the hexagonal yod at the centre of the central triangle, there are 385 yods, where

    22 32  
 385 =  42  52  62  
   72 82 92 102  .

This is an example of the mathematical beauty in the design of the Sri Yantra and its isomorphic counterpart — the Tree of Life. The seven Trees constitute a whole because they are the Tree of Life representation of the seven Sephiroth of Construction — the seven cosmic, formative aspects of God. However, the correspondence here is not with seven overlapping Trees of Life but with the 7-tree, which is the lowest seven Trees of a larger number of overlapping Trees. The bindu symbolizes that part of the Cosmic Tree of Life that extends beyond the lowest seven Trees, i.e., the formless source of the physical universe that is outside of space and time.









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