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#5 Correspondence between the Tetrahedral Lambda and the inner Tree of Life

Correspondence between Tetrahedral Lambda & inner Tree of Life

The 20 integers in the four faces of the Tetrahedral Lambda add up to 350. The sum of the three white integers at the corners of the first face is 36, which is the number value of ELOHA, the Godname of Geburah. The sum of the six blue integers surrounding the central black integer 6 in the first face is 48, which is the number value of Kokab, the Mundane Chakra of Hod. The sum of the remaining 10 integers in the second, third & fourth faces = 260 = 26×10, where 26 is the number value of YAHWEH, the Godname of Chokmah.

Compare this with the 350 hexagonal yods on the 175 edges of the 94 tetractyses making up the 14 polygons of the inner Tree of Life. They comprise six black hexagonal yods on the three sides of a square outside the root edge, 36 white hexagonal yods on the sides of the other square and the two octagons, 48 blue hexagonal yods on the internal sides of the tetractyses in the squares and octagons and 260 red hexagonal yods in the remaining polygons. Encoded in the hexagonal yod population of the inner form of a single Tree of Life is the geometry of the inner form of ten Trees of Life, each hexagonal yod corresponding to one of the 350 corners that are intrinsic to the 70 polygons enfolded in these Trees on either side of their central Pillar of Equilibrium. The archetypal array of 20 integers in the Tetrahedral Lambda is their arithmetic counterpart.

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