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240 encoded in outer & inner Tree of Life & Sri Yantra

According to the table on page 1, any axis of the disdyakis triacontahedron is surrounded by 2400 points, lines & triangles. As the polyhedral form of the outer Tree of Life, this Catalan solid embodies (apart from the tetractys factor of 10) the same number 240 as that embodied in the outer Tree of Life, the inner Tree of Life and the 2-dimensional Sri Yantra. It is their polyhedral equivalent, the number 240 signifying, as a defining parameter of holistic systems possessing sacred geometry, the 240 roots of the superstring symmetry group E8. Surrounding an axis of the disdyakis triacontahedron are 60 vertices and 180 edges, i.e., 240 vertices & edges. They are the counterpart of:

1. the 240 yods in the 1-tree that are not located at its Sephiroth (including Daath), and

2. the 240 corners, sides & triangles in the 43 triangles of the 2-dimensional Sri Yantra that surround its centre. See also here.









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