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 8. The correspondence between the 24-cell and the 3-dimensional Sri Yantra

When the 42 triangles surrounding the centre of the 3-dimensional Sri Yantra are tetractyses, 336 yods line their 126 sides. Their numbers in the four layers of triangles are the numbers of points, lines & triangles that make up the faces and interior of the 24-cell:

336 yods on boundary of 3-d Sri Yantra




The 24-cell has:

  • 24 vertices 
  • 96 edges 
  • 96 triangular faces 
  • 24 internal sides of triangles 
  • 96 internal triangles 

          Total = 336




336 turns in one revolution of helical whorl

Each revolution of a helical whorl contains 336 turns.

336 yods line the sides of the 42 triangles/tetractyses in the 3-dimensional Sri Yantra. They symbolise the types of geometrical elements in the 24-cell.
(Circles denote yods directly below yods in the next higher layer of triangles. Hexagonal yods at centres of tetractyses are omitted for clarity).




 The following correspondences exist between the Sri Yantra and the 24-cell:

It demonstrates the holistic nature of the 24-cell. The 336 yods manifest in the UPA/E8×E8 heterotic superstring as the 336 circular turns in a revolution of each helical whorl.

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