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 Binah as the 'Great Mother' of CTOL

550 & 67

The connection between the number 67 of Binah and the 550 SLs in CTOL is shown by the amazing fact that the endpoints of the root edge coincide with the projections onto the plane of the (7+7) enfolded polygons of Daath (number value 474) and Tiphareth, whose Godname number is 76, so that 550 is their sum, whilst the sum of the numbers 31 & 36 of the Godnames assigned, respectively, to Chesed (EL) and Geburah (ELOHA) is 67. Daath and these three Sephiroth are the endpoints of two mutually perpendicular straight lines that divide in half the overlapping grey area — a shape known as the "Vesica Piscis" — of two circles of the same radius that overlap so that the centre of one lies on the circumference of the other. This central area of the 14 enfolded polygons of the inner Tree of Life (see here) determines the very numbers that define the cosmic whole, namely, CTOL.

The Vesica Piscis has been the subject of considerable speculation. Its significance in Kabbalah is that the Tree of Life is generated from four similar circles that overlap, centre-to-circumference, creating three such shapes:

 Vesica piscis in Tree of Life

The four circles symbolize the four Worlds of Atziluth, Beriah, Yetzirah & Assiyah. A set of overlapping Trees of Life is a chain of Vesica Piscis, so that it can be regarded as the basic building block of this particular kind of sacred geometry. However, its true meaning is more profound: all existence — physical & superphysical — emerges from Daath like a baby passing through the birth canal from the womb, and this is represented in the geometry of the inner Tree of Life as the two sets of seven regular polygons growing out of their shared side — the "root edge," which connects Daath outside phenomenal existence to Tiphareth at the centre of the Tree of Life:

The outer & inner Trees of Life 

 The outer and inner Trees of Life.

One of the titles of Binah in Kabbalah is "The Great Mother" (Hebrew: aima, or "mother"). The number 67 of this Sephirah (see here) embodying the cosmic feminine principle quantifies the 67 corners of the 12 enfolded polygons that map CTOL (see previous page):

12 enfolded polygons encoding CTOL have 67 corners

In other words, this number selects that subset of the set of 14 polygons which encodes the Tree of Life representation of all levels of reality! It is, truly, an amazing, mathematical reason for why Binah should have this title.

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