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 Cosmic Tetractys as array of dots

A triangular array of 153 points, 17 points per side, is the basis of the template that generates the Cosmic Tetractys. It shows how ELOHIM SABAOTH, the Godname of Hod with number value 153, arithmetically prescribes the Cosmic Tetractys: 153 is the 17th triangular number. Each tetractys array of 10 triangles consists of 15 points, 30 lines and 16 triangles, i.e., 61 geometrical elements. The Godname YAH with number value 15 prescribes the basic unit, as does the Godname EL with number 31, because it has 31 points & triangles, whilst 61 is the 31st odd integer.

There are 48 points on the sides of the triangular array. This is the number value of Kokab, the Mundane Chakra of Hod.

36 points line the boundary of the triangular array that are not corners of the tetractys arrays of triangles. 36 is the number value of ELOHA, which is the Godname of Geburah, the Sephirah directly above Hod located on the Pillar of Judgement of the Tree of Life. 

The 48 points therefore divide up into a set of 36 points and 12 corners of the ten triangular arrays of points forming a tetractys. Their counterparts in the seven regular polygons making up one half of the inner Tree of Life (see here) are the 36 corners of the first six separate polygons and the 12 corners of the dodecagon. All holistic structures display analogous patterns, such as this 36:12 division. For example, dividing a straight line into 48 segments is the initial step in one of the ways of constructing the Sri Yantra (see here).


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