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Pair of triangles equivalent to Sri Yantra

The 43 triangles of the 3-dimensional Sri Yantra have 87 corners. 87 is the number value of Levanah, the Mundane Chakra of Yesod. Four black yods consist of the bindu and the three corners of the central triangle, 16 violet yods are corners of the first layer of eight triangles, 20 blue yods are corners of the second layer of ten triangles, 20 green yods are corners of the third layer of ten triangles and 28 red yods are corners of the fourth layer of 14 triangles.

A Type B triangle has 46 yods. Two Type B triangles joined at one side have 88 yods. They comprise four black yods on the shared side, 16 violet yods on the six internal sides of Type A triangles, 20 blue yods in a pair of Type A triangles, 20 green yods in two more Type A triangles and 28 red yods inside the two remaining Type A triangles and on external sides of the two Type B triangles.

The power of the tetractys is such that it can transform two joined triangles into an object that is equivalent to the famous Sri Yantra! Here is how the simplest triangle is revealed by its construction from tetractyses to be equivalent to half the Sri Yantra. The latter cannot, of course, be split into two halves that are exact mirror images of each other, unlike the yods in the two joined, Type B triangles in the inner Tree of Life. However, the isomorphism between the Sri Yantra and these triangles as outlined above is established through a one-to-one correspondence between yods and corners. It is unnecessary to this isomorphism that one sacred geometry should exhibit the same mirror symmetry as the other one.

The human diploid number is 46, i.e., a male or female cell contains 46 chromosomes. There are also 46 bones in the human axial skeleton that exist as pairs in the left-hand and right-hand sides of the body (see Article 33, WEB, PDF).

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